This is the story about some of our relatives in USA, who emigrated to USA. A sister to my great grandmother Mathilda Sundin, her name was Juliana Charlotta Sundin. She was married to Carl Fredrik Landerholm and before they emigrated to USA they lived in Regna, Östergötland, Sweden. I have got some information about this relatives frpm Paul Riedl and earlier from Eric Landerholm. Paul has sent following information and photos:

Dear Rolf: My name is Paul Riedl and I came across your family tree. I am so excited. Hannah Landerholm, daughter of Karolina Wilhelmina Karlsson, was my grandmother. She had a sister by the name of Edla Landerholm who married an Antonson. If this makes sense, and we are somehow related, please email me back. I have more info on the Landerholm and Antonson families and would like to share the info with you.

I look forward to your response.

Paul Riedl

Hi Rolf: Thank you for responding to me email. As I mentioned, my grandmother was Hannah Landerholm. She was born on December 28, 1894 in Regna, Sweden. She married by grandfather Victor Sylvan on March 16, 1918 in Chicago, Illinois. She died on October 6, 1918 in Philadelphia. She died just a couple of weeksafter my mother was born. I can send you pictures of her. Edla Landerholmmarried Carl Fritz Antonson. I am in contact with the Antonson family and can provide additional information, I am sending you some pictures. One picture is of Carl Fredrik Landerholm and his wife Karolina Wilhelmina Karlsson. I noticed that you have her last name as Karlsdotter. Please clarify. I also have attached the death notices of Carl Fredrik and Karolina indicating death dates. Another picture I have attached is of the Karlsson Family. The top row, left to right: Christina, Manda (Amanda), Pere August, Charlotte and Johanna. The front row, left to right: Karolina Wilhelmina, Karoline and Tina. Now I have a question for you. After Hannah died, my mother was rasied by a man by the name of Karl Johan Gustafsson. He came over to the United States with Edla Landerholm. They both listed P.A. Carlson as the person they were going to visit in Chicago. They both listed P.A. (Pere August) as their uncle. On the immigration records, Karl (Carl) showed his mother as being Christina Karlsson. Therefore, we believe that Karolina Wilhelmina and Christina Karlsson were sisters. Christina is standing behind Karolina Wilhelmina in the picture. Now for the question. How did Karl Johan Gustafson get his last name. Did Christina Karlsson marry a Gustafsson? Karl was born on I believe on March 1, 1881 in Asker, Sweden. Any help on this matter would be appreciated since it was Carl and his wife that raised my mother.

I look forward to exchanging further information in the future.

Regards: Paul Riedl