This is information about Ernst Ericson and his family:

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Hello, I’m doing some research on my children’s family. Their grandmother was Ruth Mildred Ericson born 30 May 1909, Waukegan Lake Co Ill. Ruth was raised by Gustfa Rudolph Ericson and his wife Esther, They never told Ruth that her parents died shortly afterher bith, if fact the family knew nothing about the death of her real parents until I started reseaching this family. Gusta Rudolph was a minister. Ruth married George R. Lawrence 1928 Kennydale King Co Washington. they had I can account for 10 children born them them.

Hello. Thank you for this information. I am very intersted to get more about Rudolph. He was son of my grandfathers sister Alfrida Andersson. I have a photo of Rudolph and other relatives on that line. Is Ruth Mildred Ericson daughter to Ernst Ericson and Helena Kristina Nyström. I can give you more information. Write on my emailaddress

Hello again! Here is some information from one of my blogsites I hink Ruth was daughter to Ernst Ericson and Helen Nyström. I gan give you more information. Let me hear from you again Here is the links:

Yes Ruth is a daughter of Ernst Ericson and Helena K Nystrom. Ruth married George R Lawrence 28 Nov 1928 in Kennydale Seattle King Co Washington. George and Ruth moved around the country a bit several children born in Washington sand Minnesota the last of the children Gilbert was born in Tampa Florida 1952-2006 and Gwendolyn Baltimore MD. The family didn’t know about the birth father and mother dying shortly after Ruths birth until I started this research. Apparently Gustfa Roldoph and his wife Esther never told Ruth about her birth parents. I know from following the census thatthey were in Seattle Washington in 1920, she told her children that her father was a minister. Ruth’s daughter told me that he moved to California to take a job as Editor of a newspaper I found Rudolph and Esther in California.

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