My name is Megann Heath and I am Gerald’s daughter-in-law. I married his and Betty’s 4th child, Dustin (Dusty). Dustin is a 6th grade teacher and we live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We have 2 daughters: Elaina (Lainey) is 3 and Elizabeth (Libby) will be 2 in July. I have attached a family picture, which was taken November 2008.



Hi Rolf,


My grandmother was Ruth Mcgee, Daughter to Augusta Amanda, Daughter to Nils Peter Ericson and Mathilda Sundin, …. I then have information on these lines, maternal and paternal, back two more generations, into the 1730’s. These would be Isac and Lotta’s great grandparents. I am wondering if you have that information, or perhaps if you have even more.

Ruth passed away in 1985, and my mother Phyllis passed away in 1995. I am 59 years old, and still work as a schoolteacher. My wife and I will be retiring next year and hope to visit Sweden someday. Snake River Music is just a small business we operate on the internet. We live in Blackfoot, Idaho, a small town in the northwest United States.

Best wishes,

Jerry Heath