from his home in New Jersey:

Dear Rolf:

The picture of Harold’s home in Montvale, New Jersey is correct. I was raised in that home and I am in the picture with my father and dog named Happy. I have not seen that picture in many years. I now live in Greeley Colorado with my wife Rebecca “Becky”. We have three children- Bradford Newhall 44 years, Barrett Woodward 39, and Bridget Skelly 34. Bradford is an orthodontist and practices with me here in Greeley. Nannelle Rene is his wife and they have two daughters:Tessa and Daphne. Barrett is an veterinarian and practices in Kallispell, Montana. He is married to Jody Lynn and they have a baby boy Brady Scott,7 months old.Our daughter,Bridget Skelly is also a veterinarian and practices in Boulder, Colorado,and her husband is Christopher JamesHackenberg.

I thank you for making this family page available. Becky and I send our regards to all distant relatives.

Best Regards,

Burdett and Rebecca Edgren