August and Valborg Ericson Evan, Julle and Brita

The Centralstation in Norrköping in the background. This photo from the beginning of 1900 th century

Bruksmusiken i Grytgöl. Ledare: Patron Burén 3:e from left August Ericson

Gubbängen, Grytgöl from the beginning of 1900 century

Gubbängen, Grytgöl, later

This is my uncle Evan Ericson, a younger brother to Arthur. He had no children. His first wife was Ida Gustafsson and his second wife Ingrid Bråvander. They lived in Norrköping, Östergötland.

Ida and Evan:

Ingrid and Evan:

Anna Edgren, Tillie Welander, Augusta Amanda Andersson. Sisters to my grandfather August Ericson


Gertrud was a daughter to Charles Ericson, Charles emigrated to America, but returned to Sweden. Living in Gubbängen, Grytgöl.

(Parents to Barbro Holmstrom and Astrid Alm-Eddo.) Here is Gertrud and her husband Nils Gustafsson.

From left: Ida and Evan Ericson, Julle and Elsa Ericson