Many of my grandfathers personal came from Grytgöl. Albin is the man in the middle in the upper line. My father Arthur the first on right hand

You can see him on the photo from Janrtradverken, Norrköping, the company my grandfather started. Today I have spoked to a son of Albin. He called me after he has visited my website. He wanted to know more about his grandparents. They lived in Grytgol: Karl Gustaf Carlsson born in Stjarnorp 1853 and Emilia (Emelie) Andersdotter, born in Nykil 1852. She was teacher for small children in Regna. They belonged to the Free-Church (Baptize) and were pioneers in the beginning of their history. They lived in Lilla Golstugan in Grytgöl but their son Albin moved to Motala later. The man who called me was born 1921 and I have his phonenumber. If there is anyone who can give me more details about the membership from that tim. If that is possible. Please write here or on my e-mail