Dear Phyllis Ellen.

So nice that you want to contact us here in Sweden. Perhaps you are the person who will continue my work when I can not work anymore. I am 76 years now and no youth anymore. You can at least give me information about your family in America.

If you have forgotten how we are related, I want to talk about how it is. Your grandmother’s mother Augusta Amanda Andersson, born Ericson, was the sister of my grandfather August Ericson. They were eleven siblings in that family.

On this pages you can see a summary about that family.

At that time, many people emigrated from Sweden to America. So did your grandmother’s father and mother, Johan August Andersson and Augusta Amanda in 1881. They first came to Chicago where they lived for two years. Then they moved to Minneapolis in 1883. Johan August was a pastor in the Methodist Church. They had seven children. August the firstborn was born in Sweden, but died already in 1899. Two of the daughters died while they were children.

I have tried to explain your family through the information I received from your grandmother Rut Mc Gee. When I was injured in the 1970s, to find out more about my grandfather’s siblings, she was the first person I contacted. My English was very stabbing already then, and is it still. Therefore, I use Google Translator and hope that the translation will be correct.

If you want to know more about my family, start by reading my biography

in swedish, with pictures here.

You can also read a more detailed story here.

The continuation of the story about our children and grandchildren will be published later.

Your cousin Jerry and Betty Heath have told that they are coming to Sweden in August. Hope to meet them then.

Sincerely Rolf Ericson Motala Granitvägen 16 B

59153 Motala Sweden